How you can read your glass fuses value

1 Used as general there are two types Glass alliance and circuit fuses on systems using

 a) Quick blow( fast acting)  b)Time delayed (Time Lapse)

       A)    The Fuse reading beginning with the letter "F" Quick blow fuse’s are represented by the letter "F".

       B)   Fuse reading begins with the letter "T": Time Lapse represented by the letter "T"

How you can read value of glass fuses ?

Fuses value can be written in several ways. We will give you some examples for 1200mA (1.2A) 250 Volt fuse as the author can be found in different format.

1F2A/250V = 1.2Amp / 250 V fast action

1F2 / 250 V = 1.2amp / 250v fast action

1.2/250V = 12Amps / 250 V fast action

 F 1.2 / 250 = 1.2Amp / 250 V fast action

 And some examples for Time Delay fuse reading. Reading examples for 500mA  / 250 V time delay Fuse.

T500mA/250V  = 500mA  / 250 V time delay Fuse.

T0.5/250V =500mA  / 250 V time delay Fuse.

0T5/250V =500mA  / 250 V time delay Fuse.